The Girl Habit by Leore Hayon is born out of Leore’s personal hair journey. Throughout childhood and adolescence, Leore straightened her hair to look more like the women she saw in the magazines and movies. The Girl Habit originated as a blog posting models and actresses as inspiration. 


Leore’s own career in modeling challenged her ideal image of beauty. Recalling her first major editorial shoot in California with a renowned photographer and hair stylist. The hair stylist turned her hair into big wild curls. The wardrobe styling and hairstyle with an ocean backdrop brought her closer to her Moroccan roots. Leore embraced her natural hair more than ever after this shoot. The Girl Habit is about being in your natural element with all the twists and turns of natural hair texture. 


As she achieved more successes in the industry and more importantly grew as a person, she found her self confidence. Simultaneously her hair grew and transformed as she learned to care of it. Leore prepped her hair for shoots, learned what products worked and how hair stylists accentuated her curls. In images and the moving camera her hair represented her energy and her roots. 


Natural is beautiful. It is Leore’s passion to share her expertise and help everyone to embrace their natural hair texture. She discovered a method of washing and setting curls and organically shared her tips via social media. After years of testing and developing hair products, she has launched The Girl Habit haircare to share her dream formulas and simplify taking care of natural texture. 


Our Ingredient Standard

After 5 years of research, experimentation and traveling the globe, The Girl Habit's formula was born. Our original clean formula is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colorants and a long list of other not-so-great ingredients often found in haircare products. Our key natural ingredients are sourced from Italy, Israel, Morocco and Sweden and offer a nutrient-rich foundation to our clean formulas. Founder Leore Hayon kept you in mind when it came to formulating and after working with incredible scientists, her dream haircare became a reality. 



The formula features nutrient-rich raw ingredients sourced from beautiful nature


Globally Sourced

Our ingredients are intentionally curated from Italy, Israel, Morocco, and Sweden to create a unique formula representative of the founders ethnic background


Cruelty Free

The formula is created with you, animals and the planet in mind


Clean Formula

Born out of pure curiosity and at the intersection of farms and labs, featuring clean and natural ingredients