Step 1

Shampoo (every other wash or every couple of washes depending on hair oiliness and product build up)


Step 2

After rinsing out shampoo, ring out excess water and apply conditioner. Brush thru the conditioner and add more water as needed to detangle. Leave in conditioner for 5 minutes


Step 3

Rinse out conditioner and brush hair under water and/or once more away from water for a final detangle and setting of curls


Step 4

Wring out excess water using hands or a hair towel and apply leave in conditioner (primer) throughout the hair avoiding the top. Brush thru the product to ensure even application


Step 5

Apply styling products including curl cream, hair oil and/or mousse


Step 6

Scrunch hair with hands from the bottom up throughout drying process. For added texture and volume use a diffuser